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How Do You Tell If a Drain Pipe Is Broken Underground in Broken Arrow, OK, Homes?

Cassie Pound, owner of Quality Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric
Published by
Cassie Pound
June 30, 2024
How Do You Tell If a Drain Pipe Is Broken Underground in Broken Arrow, OK, Homes?

The drain pipe in most homes runs underground and allows waste to exit the home neatly and out of sight. The underground placement of these pipes has other benefits. For example, it protects the pipes from the elements. However, the placement means it’s harder to know when the pipes have suffered damage.

Unfortunately, underground drain pipe damage is fairly common. Soil erosion, corrosion, and errant tree roots can all cause damage to an underground pipe system so how do you tell if a drain pipe is broken underground?

Quality Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric, home to the most trusted plumbing technicians in Broken Arrow, OK, covers all the top signs you should watch for in this post.

The Top Signs You Have a Broken Underground Drain Pipe

Some of the biggest signs you have a broken underground drain pipe include the following:

Sewage Backup

A broken sewer drain pipe will lead to dirt and debris getting into the line and stopping waste from exiting your home. If the clog is strong enough, you’ll notice sewage backing up inside plumbing fixtures. For example, you might see sewage backing up into your bathtub or shower floor when you flush the toilet.

Raw sewage is a health hazard and you shouldn’t mess with it. You need to call a professional plumber quickly to get to the root of the problem as soon as you notice the first signs.

Foul Odors

A drain pipe that is excellent in shape is airtight. If it’s broken, sewer odors may flow backward into your home.

The smell will automatically be there if you have sewage backup. But you may also notice it as a standalone problem. You’ll likely detect these odors first in utility rooms, the basement, and other low-lying areas of your home.

So how do you tell if a drain pipe is broken underground? By watching for that unmistakable smell of sewage anywhere around your property.

Foundation Cracks

This is one of the clearest signs of a broken drain line. Water leaking out of the pipe will slowly flow toward your foundation.

Over time, it can start to cause significant damage to your home’s structural integrity. If the leaks have gone on long enough to cause visible cracks in your foundation, you have a lot more than a plumbing project to worry about.

Multiple Clogged Fixtures

A clogged plumbing fixture is one of those plumbing issues you can’t ignore. However, it’s often an easy fix that involves cleaning out the affected drain branch. On the other hand, multiple clogged fixtures point to an issue with the main drain pipe, which could be caused by a broken drain pipe underground.

If you don’t call a plumber to address the problem quickly, cracks and leaks may appear elsewhere across your plumbing system, which could mean costlier repairs.

Lush Patches of Grass or Sudden Weed Growth

Do you have an unusually lush, green area of grass around your landscape? Have you noticed strong weed growth in formerly bare areas? That’s a sign of a broken drain pipe leaking underground—especially if you’ve ruled out the probability of a leaking sprinkler system.

Sagging Pavement

If you have a broken drain pipe underground, it will release wastewater to the soil around it until it causes large sections to sag and dip. If the affected pipe is close to a driveway, sidewalk, or patio, you may notice the concrete shifting or suddenly sagging.

Rodent Infestation

Rodents thrive in drainage systems. If you have noticed an upsurge in the number of rats you’re seeing on your property, you may have a broken drain pipe underground. The crack gives them an exit through which they can enter and exit your property.

You’ll need to talk to an exterminator about the best way to deal with the infestation but it will only resume later if you don’t do anything about the broken drain pipe.

Get Accurate Underground Pipe Leak Detection and Repair Services in Broken Arrow, OK

Now you know the answer to, “How do you tell if a drain pipe is broken underground?” Are you looking for a plumber you can trust for a definitive diagnosis? Is your toilet bubbling when the shower is running? We can help.

Our experienced crew can fix broken underground drain pipes using trenchless approaches. We can also complete any necessary additional repairs for your plumbing systems.

Call Quality Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric in Broken Arrow, OK, today at (918) 393-4577 to schedule a consultation. Put your plumbing tasks in the hands of your local pros!

Cassie Pound, owner of Quality Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric
Published by
Cassie Pound

Cassie Pound is the Vice President of Quality Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric with locations in Tulsa, Glenpool, and Bartlesville, Oklahoma.