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About Us

Why Choose Us

We stand behind our name and actually deliver on that promise.

Why Choose Quality Heating Cooling & Plumbing

We Picked This Name for a Reason

When it was time to branch out and name our company, there were thousands, if not millions of names we could’ve picked. But at the end of the day, we wanted a name that reflects not only what we promise, but what we actually deliver.

We picked “Quality” because it’s a name we could truly stand behind. You’re inevitably setting the bar high with a name like this, and that’s exactly what we wanted to do. Whether we are serving our customers, our community or our employees, we want to be known as the team that delivers on its promises. Here are some other reasons why customers continue to choose us:

  • We’re actively involved with the local community. For us, service doesn’t end when we walk out the door. We are personally invested in this community (co-owner Cassie grew up right in Glenpool!), and we’re committed to serving those in need. Each month, we give back in some form or fashion and have supported a number of organizations, including schools, addiction recovery resources, veterans’ groups and more. Part of our life’s work is about paying it forward and supporting the community that continues to support us.
  • We’re a privately owned and locally operated company. We don’t answer to stakeholders, which allows us to maintain full control over our company. This gives us the flexibility and freedom we need to support the causes we want to and to make decisions that will benefit our customers and our employees.
  • We are honest and sincere with our work. Integrity means everything to us. Just like any other profession, we leverage a unique skillset to make a living. But we do so to serve and help you, not to cheat you. If you call us to repair your equipment and we recommend replacing it, you can trust our advice is coming from the right place. We are here to protect your best interests and recommend solutions that are right for you, not more profitable for us.    
  • We designed our own processes to ensure a Quality experience at every touchpoint. From our polished uniforms to our after-service support, we’ve left no stone unturned to ensure a superior customer experience from start to finish.
  • We’re responsive and answer calls. You would think that answering the phone would be the norm, not the exception. But time and time again, customers tell us how difficult it is to find a company that’s accessible and truly there for them. We have a local call center to ensure every call is answered by someone in the community. In addition, we have an on-call phone that is always brought home by someone in the building.   
  • We bring decades of experience and training to every project. Before starting Quality in 2014, co-owner Oscar Pound had been a technician since 1995. Not only did we start the business with years of firsthand experience, but we also continually invest in ongoing training. We have a trainer in the building five days per week and take great measures to ensure our technicians and plumbers have the tools they need to exceed expectations.
  • We hire only the friendliest, most skilled professionals to wear our uniforms. If you see someone wearing our company colors, it means he or she is the right person for the job. As a small, privately owned company, we get to be particular about who works for us and represents the Quality name. That’s why, when you choose us, you’ll only encounter skilled professionals with positive and upbeat attitudes.
  • We treat our employees with the utmost care and respect so they can do the same for our customers. A major reason why we started our own business was to create a better environment for ourselves and anyone who works for us. We pride ourselves on providing a positive, supportive company culture that feels like family. We know that it’s important to satisfy our customers, but we never lose sight of the fact that our employees are our own internal customers to whom we owe just as much respect and care.
  • We install industry-leading products and offer free estimates for equipment replacements. We carry the brands people know and trust for their homes and businesses. In addition, we use a good-better-best approach when presenting options. We also offer on-site estimates for new equipment, free of charge.

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