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Should You Consider Service Contracts for HVAC Maintenance?

Cassie Pound, owner of Quality Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric
Published by
Cassie Pound
May 10, 2022
Should You Consider Service Contracts for HVAC Maintenance?

Heating and cooling systems are among the most essential appliances in modern homes, making it reasonable for homeowners to consider service contracts for HVAC systems. The temperature in your home plays an immense role in determining how comfortable you are inside, so ensuring your HVAC system is continually operating at its full potential is essential. However, HVAC systems are complex machines with many vital components, making problems challenging.

Additionally, most homeowners use their HVAC systems a lot, particularly in the heart of the summer or winter. It can be challenging to get anything done when the temperature in your home is uncomfortable, so it’s understandable to leave the air conditioner running when it’s too hot outside. However, a high workload can increase strain on your HVAC system, increasing the odds of a system failure.

One option for homeowners to maintain their heating and cooling systems is exploring service contracts for HVAC systems. These contracts can make it easier for homeowners to get reliable repair services but require an upfront setup cost and yearly fees. This article will explore the basics of HVAC service contracts and discuss whether or not these contracts are a viable option for homeowners. 

Whether or not you decide a service contract is the right choice for you, it’s always essential to choose a qualified repair company to service your HVAC system. Quality Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing is an excellent option for homeowners in Oklahoma. With years of experience repairing heating and cooling systems, Quality Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing is ideal for those seeking HVAC technicians in Muskogee or the surrounding area. 

What Is a Service Contract?

Service contracts are agreements from a servicing company to provide ongoing maintenance and repairs at a fixed upfront price. Generally, service contracts cover the costs of routine maintenance, inspections, and any repairs needed if a malfunction occurs. Companies typically offer these contracts immediately after system installation, but service contracts may also be available for existing units.

Service contracts act similarly to insurance, with the resident paying a set amount to ensure they aren’t responsible for paying a more considerable amount if a problem occurs. This function is valuable with HVAC systems, as these appliances are complex and expensive. However, service contracts may make less sense for devices with limited value, as the resident gains less value if the cost to replace the appliance is close to the cost of the service agreement.

Benefits of HVAC Service Contracts

HVAC systems require a significant amount of maintenance, so there are many benefits to purchasing a service contract for the HVAC system in your home. Still, maintenance plans for air conditioning systems offer compelling advantages to most homeowners. Of course, it’s always important to consider your needs and budget before making any home improvement decisions. 


First, a service contract with a reliable HVAC servicing company will ensure that your heating and cooling system is continuously operating at maximum efficiency. While your HVAC system will always draw a significant amount of electricity, regular maintenance and repairs can help keep your energy bill manageable. Several factors, including clogged filters and aging motors, can reduce the efficiency of your system. Therefore scheduled maintenance visits from an HVAC professional can make a meaningful difference. 

Cost Stability

One crucial advantage of choosing a service contract for your HVAC system is that it limits the costs that can arise. While a service contract requires an upfront expense and yearly payment, this number is far lower than the cost to repair major issues with the system. Additionally, a set fee is far easier to account for when building a budget than variable and unexpected expenses. 

Speedy Service

Another benefit of a service contract for your air conditioning system is rapid service. When your air conditioner is not working, speed matters, so knowing that help is on the way can give homeowners valuable peace of mind when things go wrong. As a selling point of service contracts, most repair companies will offer priority service to customers who choose to sign the agreement.

Factors to Consider

While service contracts offer genuine value to homeowners, everyone’s situation is different. Ultimately, whether or not a service contract is worth it will depend on your circumstances. Several factors can impact the value of service contracts, so read the following sections for some items to consider when weighing the value of a service contract for your AC.

System Usage

How much you use your air conditioner can dramatically impact the lifespan and condition of the unit. HVAC units are durable, but constant use can place a lot of strain on the unit over time. Regular air conditioner use can be necessary for homeowners with large families or expansive homes. If you leave your air conditioner on more than the manufacturer recommends, the value of a service contract is likely beneficial to you. 

System Age

Another factor to consider when choosing whether to sign a service contract is the age of the system. While most service contracts are available immediately after installation, some companies offer service agreements for older units. This option becomes attractive when you consider that aging units are far more likely to develop issues within the time set by the contract.


Finally, it’s vital to consider the climate where you live and how you respond to that climate. For example, some homeowners may have a higher tolerance to heat but be more sensitive to cold than others, or vice versa. Consider these preferences when choosing whether to sign a service contract, as homeowners who are particularly sensitive to temperature changes should strongly consider these contracts.

Get HVAC Services Today

By reading this article, you learned a lot about service contracts for HVAC systems. Now, you can learn more about HVAC maintenance services or get started finding an HVAC repair company near you. Quality Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing offers quality HVAC services at a competitive price for Oklahoma residents. So, if you are interested in an HVAC service agreement or want individual repair services in Muskogee, OK, call Quality Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing at 918-212-0122 today.

Cassie Pound, owner of Quality Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric
Published by
Cassie Pound

Cassie Pound is the Vice President of Quality Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric with locations in Tulsa, Glenpool, and Bartlesville, Oklahoma.