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How Often Should You Service Your HVAC System?

Cassie Pound, owner of Quality Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric
Published by
Cassie Pound
December 22, 2021

Your heating and air conditioning system works hard day in and day out to heat and cool your house. Like every appliance, your HVAC system requires regular service and maintenance to stay in top condition. But how often should you service your HVAC system?

Today, Quality Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is here with this guide on HVAC servicing. We will talk about how frequently you should service your HVAC system and what HVAC servicing involves.

HVAC Service Schedule

According to experts, you should service your HVAC system at least once per year. Some homeowners may need service more frequently, about every six months. The exact time frame depends on several considerations, including but not limited to:

Home Occupancy

The number of people in your house can affect how often you should service your heating and cooling system. The more people in your home, the more dirt, dust, and debris they may track into your home. This debris can infiltrate your system and damage components.

Regular servicing can keep your system free from contaminants.

HVAC Usage

Your service schedule also depends on general HVAC usage. If you have your furnace or fan running on the highest setting all day, you will most likely need more frequent maintenance. Keeping your system running year-round also incurs more energy costs.

Weather and Climate

Local weather and climate can also affect how often you should schedule maintenance. For example, homeowners in areas that receive heavy rainfall during the year may need more regular cleaning due to mold and algae. Similarly, those in arid, dusty climates may require more frequent vent cleaning.

All other things being equal, the best time to service your heating and cooling system is either near the end of the spring or the end of the fall. The idea is to tune up your system right before the time of year you need it most. Additionally, HVAC companies tend to be much busier in the summer and winter, so you may have more luck getting an appointment during the spring or fall.

What Does HVAC Service Involve?

The exact checklist differs depending on what kind of HVAC system you have and the presence of issues that require repair. However, a typical HVAC tune-up would include:

  • Cleaning evaporator/condenser coils
  • Replacing AC unit and furnace filters
  • Checking thermostats
  • Checking compressors and heating elements
  • Visual inspection
  • Testing gas levels
  • Changing refrigerant
  • Duct cleaning
  • Cleaning drains and vents

A typical service appointment lasts 1-2 hours, though this number can vary based on several factors. Some types of heating systems, such as heat pumps, usually take longer to service. Also, an HVAC tune-up can take longer if significant time has passed since your last checkup.

Benefits of Regular HVAC Service

Extend HVAC Lifespan

Regular HVAC service not only keeps your heating and cooling working better but can also make it last longer. Regular heating and air conditioning repair can add between 5 to 10 years to your HVAC system’s lifespan. Air conditioners and furnaces are very expensive, so you want to get as much out of them as possible.

Lower Energy Bills

Heating and cooling are typically the largest portions of energy bills. An optimized HVAC uses less energy, which translates to lower energy bills. In fact, one of the primary signs of a failing HVAC is skyrocketing energy bills.

HVAC service can also diagnose issues with your home air system that need repair.

Better Air Quality

Neglected HVAC systems collect dust and other air pollutants, which can pose a risk to your family. Regular HVAC service can improve air quality, increase comfort, and reduce respiratory issues such as allergies. If you have asthma or some other respiratory condition, regular servicing can help your symptoms.

Lower Repair Costs

No matter how well you maintain your HVAC system, something will eventually break and need replacing. However, regular service ensures you will see fewer breakdowns and pay less for repairs over the unit’s lifespan. HVAC technicians can also diagnose potential issues before they develop into a costly problem.

Peace of Mind

Nothing is quite as frustrating as a furnace malfunction on a freezing day. If you stick to a regular maintenance schedule, you can rest assured that the experts have optimized your system. As HVAC professionals in Owasso, OK, we offer emergency services.

If you have any sudden HVAC breakdowns, give us a call.

Basic DIY Servicing Tips

While we recommend scheduling maintenance at least once a year, there are several small things you can do in the meantime to keep your HVAC running in top condition.

  • Adjust energy usage throughout the year. If you run your system on full blast throughout the entire year, you will experience more frequent issues.
  • Change AC and furnace filters once every three to six months. Professional servicing typically involves changing filters, but it’s a good idea to do it on your own as well.
  • Visually inspect your ducts, furnace, and AC unit once every few months. Sometimes a problem might not be immediately obvious. Get in the habit of inspecting your system yourself so you can catch any cracks, dents, and other damages.
  • Update your home’s insulation. Poor insulation causes your HVAC to work harder to maintain temperatures, which can wear your system down quicker. New insulation can prevent leakage through the roof and walls of your house.
  • Keep areas near vents free from dust, dirt, and pet dander. Household pollutants can clog your filters and ducts, leading to overheating, foul odors, and reduced performance.

Professional HVAC Servicing

Whether you have a new or old system, regular HVAC maintenance is an important part of being a homeowner. If you have trouble remembering how often you should service your HVAC system, we recommend creating an HVAC maintenance checklist so you can stay on top of your service schedule.

Quality Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is here for all your HVAC servicing needs. Feel free to contact us online or call us today at 918-268-7343 to schedule an appointment!

Cassie Pound, owner of Quality Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric
Published by
Cassie Pound

Cassie Pound is the Vice President of Quality Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric with locations in Tulsa, Glenpool, and Bartlesville, Oklahoma.