Post-Holiday Checklist: HVAC Maintenance for January

Post-Holiday Checklist: HVAC Maintenance for January
Who says you can get a good rest after the holidays? You may keep your home neat and tidy over the festivities, but homeowner’s work is never done. One of the heavy jobs is proper HVAC maintenance. Now it’s time to share some of our favorite post-holiday HVAC maintenance tips!

Show your air filter a little love

Your air filters might get filthy after the holidays! Get the festivities off with a good start by checking the status of your furnace’s filter. Ideally, air filters should be checked and/or replaced every one to three months, so go take a good look once the holiday is over.

Your HVAC registers could get a pretty tough workout

Your HVAC registers probably got a lot of use over the holidays, so you should definitely check them out. When your HVAC equipment is running, take a look at the air vents and registers. Get a screwdriver and flash camera, head over to one of the registers, and then inspect thoroughly. If you need a hand, you may bring in a local HVAC contractor.

It won’t hurt to give your thermostat a look

You may have closely monitored your indoor temperature throughout the holidays, but there’s still a good chance that the settings have changed. In practice, indoor temperatures are controlled using a thermostat, so it’s not so much of a task to check your device. Once the holiday is over, it’s time to make things right again.

Call your local contractor in Glenpool, OK

You might be a terrific handyman, but post-holiday HVAC maintenance jobs are best done and checked with the experts. Talk to your local HVAC specialist in Glenpool, OK or the surrounding areas if you need assistance with HVAC tune-ups or repairs, or if you just need helpful tips and recommendations to keep your system in great shape throughout the year. If you’d like more tips for your post-holiday HVAC checklist, please don’t hesitate to call our experts at 918-322-1378 or contact us online.

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