If you’re a new homeowner, you may be on the fence about the type of water heater you should choose for your home. Alternatively, you may need to replace an old heater and feel bewildered by the different options. Whatever the reason, we can help you select the best-functioning heater for your home.

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water heater installation in glenpool, ok

Why Install a New Water Heater?

 It’s time to upgrade to a new water heater if:

  • Your unit is old. Conventional water heaters last 10 years on average. After that period, they don’t function as well and become costlier and clunkier.
  • Your unit is constantly breaking down. Even if your unit isn’t old, it’s possible it wasn’t installed well initially or is a flimsy unit.
  • Your energy bills are skyrocketing. Especially if you have an electric water heater, your utility bills will soar if it’s working inefficiently. A newer model will lower your monthly energy bills.
  • You want to reduce energy usage. Consider upgrading to a new unit if you’d like to be kinder to the environment. A tankless heater is a notably energy-efficient option.

Types of Water Heaters

Before choosing a water heater, it’s good to educate yourself on the types of water heater installation in Glenpool, OK. All water heaters cost a different amount to install and maintain. Each type also has a different average lifespan, depending on how often it’s inspected.

  • Electric water heaters. These models are typically cheaper to install than other heater types. However, they consume a high amount of electricity to heat water, so they’ll increase your monthly utility bills. Still, electric water heaters are more energy-efficient than gas water heaters and can last up to 12 years.
  • Gas water heaters. Gas heaters have a higher upfront cost than electric heaters, but they don’t raise utility bills as much since natural gas is cheap. However, you’ll need to get a gas water heater inspected more frequently since it involves a gas line. Like electric heaters, gas heaters last between 8-12 years.
  • Tankless water heaters. These modern heaters are the most eco-friendly and cost-saving option. They heat the water supply only as needed rather than continuously heating an entire tank of water. Though they usually incur higher installation costs, they offer tremendous value, lasting for more than 20 years.

Whatever water heater you choose, a newer model yields many benefits. It gives your home higher energy efficiency, less upkeep, and reduced energy bills. Our team is here to install the water heater of your choice safely and capably.

Water Heater Installation in Glenpool, OK

If you’re in the market for a new water heater, call us at 918-393-2593 to learn about your best options and schedule a consultation. We can also help you learn how to pick the right plumber for your house and assist you with water heater repair.


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