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What Is Included In An HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your HVAC system running efficiently. With proper maintenance and a high-quality unit, your heating and air conditioning system can last up to 15 years. 

Quality Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing in Glenpool, OK, can help you keep your HVAC functioning. Our technicians will help you keep your home or building comfortable year-round, from basement HVAC installations to commercial HVAC services. 

Regular maintenance not only keeps your unit running more efficiently but prevents the need for frequent repairs or replacements. Keep this HVAC maintenance checklist handy!. 

Basic DIY Maintenance

As the weather changes, so will your maintenance procedures. However, there are some routine tasks that you can perform year-round to keep your HVAC running efficiently. 

One thing to keep in mind is the age of your heating and air conditioning unit. Older units will require more frequent maintenance and repairs than newer systems. In most cases, the manufacturer of your HVAC will provide a list of maintenance procedures for your particular unit. 

One of the most basic steps is to change out the air filter. We recommend replacing your air filter at least once every 90 days to prevent clogs and maintain high indoor air quality. 

 Dirty air filters can clog the HVAC and prevent it from circulating clean air around the home. Thankfully, HVAC filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. 

Professional Maintenance Checklist

Technicians are better able to identify potential problems with your system and provide safe and effective fixes. Identifying issues early on prevents further damage and expensive repairs, saving you both money and headaches. 

During a professional maintenance inspection, the technician will start by checking the thermostat. Many HVAC problems are due to faulty thermostats rather than the system itself. 

Once they check the thermostat, they move on to the electrical components. Next, the technicians will lubricate any moving parts to ensure that the HVAC motor is functional and energy-efficient. 

Finally, the technician will check the condenser drain and system controls. This ensures that your HVAC unit is safe to use and ready for the upcoming season. 

HVAC Maintenance During Fall

Your fall HVAC maintenance checklist will be different from your spring list. As the weather cools, you will use your HVAC more for heating than cooling. Follow this autumnal maintenance checklist to keep your heating system functioning as the weather cools. 

Replace Furnace Filters and Indoor Air Filters

As previously mentioned, frequently replacing the air filters is a simple yet essential part of HVAC maintenance. Typically, homeowners should replace the indoor air filters at least once a season. However, homes with pets or residents with sensitive allergies should change them out more frequently. 

In-duct and furnace filters do not require replacements as frequently as indoor air filters. On average, homeowners should replace these filters every eight to twelve months.

Clean Condensate Drain Lines

To clean the condensate drain lines, pour half a cup of white vinegar down the condensate drain. Vinegar is an effective cleaning solution that won’t react with the metal in the unit. 

It is vital that you only use plain white vinegar and not bleach. Unlike vinegar, bleach will react with the metal and cause problems that require more expensive solutions. 

Check the Thermostat

Your HVAC will cool or heat your home according to the temperature designated by the thermostat. When the thermostat malfunctions, the heating, and cooling system cannot reach a comfortable temperature. Change out old batteries and make sure it reads the temperature that you want. 

Check for Debris and Pests

Pests like bats and insects love to gather in attics, especially as the weather cools down. When performing regular maintenance in the fall, make sure there aren’t any pests invading the attic. 

When checking your HVAC for nearby pests, make sure to clear away any debris or leaves on the unit. External condensers and outdoor HVAC units are especially susceptible to dirt and debris; keeping the unit clean is an easy way to ensure that it is ready for the upcoming drop in temperature.

HVAC Maintenance Checklist for the Spring

There is nothing worse than enduring the Oklahoma summer with a broken air conditioner. Follow these maintenance steps to ensure that your HVAC is ready to keep you cool as the outdoor temperature heats up. 

Trim Away Bushes and Branches

Outdoor units can overheat without proper ventilation. Trimming and removing any bushes or tree branches around your outdoor unit will help prevent debris buildup and overheating.

Clean the Condensate Drain Line

Just like you do for fall maintenance, clean the condensate drain lines with half a cup of white vinegar.

Check for Standing Water

If you notice any standing water in the drain pans, it’s time to call the HVAC company. It is essential to address standing water quickly to prevent mold. 

Mold thrives in warm, moist climates, making system leaks in the spring an ideal environment. Standing water in the drain pans can occur at any point of the year, and it is imperative to schedule a system repair right away to prevent further damage.

Check Refrigerant Levels

Sufficient refrigerant levels are essential to a properly functioning air conditioner. Adjust the refrigerant level to ensure efficiency and prevent system issues. 

Experts to Inspect Your HVAC Professionally

Although keeping your unit clean and frequently replacing the filters are essential steps in the HVAC maintenance checklist, hiring a professional technician twice a year is the best way to ensure that your unit is ready for the upcoming season. As a family-owned HVAC company in Owasso, OK, we care about helping you keep your home comfortable year-round. 

Avoid the need for repairs by scheduling a professional maintenance check-up. Call Quality Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing in Glenpool, OK, at 918-517-8295 to schedule an HVAC inspection today!