How to Arrange Your Room Around Your Christmas Tree

How to Arrange Your Room Around Your Christmas Tree
There’s a perfect spot for a Christmas tree in your house—you probably just don’t know where it is. But don’t get your tinsel in a tangle! Getting a dazzling Christmas tree doesn’t have to be a hard work! Scroll down for our space-saving Christmas tree decor tips:

Living Tiny?

You want to set up the perfect Christmas tree—we understand that. However, space is a limiting factor. If you live in a tiny space, consider rearranging your furniture. You might need to move out some of your items and furniture to provide extra room for your decorations and to make space for your guests.

The Perfect Spot

Try to find a spot in your room that is close enough to a power outlet (we know you hate seeing extension cords stuffing on the floor.) If you have a natural tree, it’s also a good idea to place it under a ventilation grid. I am expecting guests and kids, you say? Then avoid putting your tree in places where it could likely be run over, such as near a window.

An Upside Down Tree…Why Not?

An upside down tree is one of the hottest fads of the season. But it’s more than that! Topsy-turvy trees save you a lot of space, aside from they look very unique. Some think of it as a violation of Christmas tree terms; but trust us, your guests will come up thanking you soon.

Smaller Tree For The Tots

You don’t need an extremely large tree to surprise your guests. Get the whole family involved and have some fun over decorating a small tree. Even your tiny tots can enjoy the fun making your own decors. Just add some twinkling lights and your tree will make it up for its size. Bonus Tip: Check out this blog on how to prepare HVAC system for your holiday vacation! These being said, Merry Christmas!

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