heating making loud noises
Is your heating making loud noises? It may be trying to tell you something. Instead of ignoring your HVAC system when it starts making strange noises, listen carefully to determine the issue. 

10 Reasons Your Heating System Is Making Loud Noises

Once you’ve noticed your heating system making odd noises, you’ll want to assess the situation to see if you need to call a professional. Start by determining which kind of furnace your home uses because noises may mean different things for different systems.  If you’re unsure, you can learn how to distinguish between the most common types of home systems: gas furnace vs. electric furnace. Knowing which system your home uses will also help HVAC technicians narrow down the problem when you ask for a quote or schedule a consultation. 

Common Noises Your Furnace Will Make

Furnaces are loud in general, but if yours is making strange noises that you aren’t familiar with, it likely requires repairs. These are some common noises to look out for:
  •     Loud banging noises
  •     Humming sounds
  •     Clanking or rattling
  •     Screeching
  •     Chirping
  •     Knocking
  •     Scraping metal
  •     Whistling
  •     Clicking
Here are some reasons you may be experiencing these noises: 

1. Broken Blower Wheel

A broken blower wheel will sound like metal scraping against metal. If you’re hearing this, you should turn off your furnace right away. The broken blower wheel will prevent your furnace from working properly and can potentially be dangerous. You will need to contact an HVAC professional because this isn’t a problem that you can fix without experienced assistance. 

2. Ruined Blower Motor

When the blower motor fails, you may hear a loud humming or screeching noise. The noise depends largely on what the issue is. If you notice these sounds, turn off your furnace right away and call a professional to assess the damage. 

3. Dirty Furnace Burners

When dirt builds up on furnace burners, it can cause a dangerous reaction. The dirt will delay ignition and create small explosions in the heat exchanger, creating loud banging noises. If you hear banging or popping sounds coming from your furnace, you should turn it off immediately. Professional HVAC technicians can repair the issue, but it’s often costly. 

4. Filter Needs to Be Replaced

If you hear a whistling sound coming from your heating system, then your filter may be clogged. It’s essential to change your filter as often as the system requires, which can be once a month or once every six months depending on the model, whether you have pets, and if anyone at home suffers from allergies. You may also notice a loud banging noise when the furnace shuts off, which is another indication that the filter needs replacing. 

5. Gaps in Ductwork

Holes or gaps in ductwork also create whistling sounds. If you’ve changed your system’s filter and still hear whistling, you may have an air leak. Leaks make your system work harder and use more energy. Call a trusted HVAC technician to inspect your air ducts and fill in the gaps. Not only will these repairs make it more energy-efficient, but they will extend the life of your heating system.

6. Worn or Broken Belt

When a furnace belt needs replacing, it will make a distinct chirping noise. If you haven’t run your heating system in a while, this noise may be an indication that your furnace is simply starting up after a lull. However, if the sound doesn’t stop, you should have a professional take a look. 

7. Pilot Light Went Out

When the pilot light goes out, the spark igniter attempts to relight it and makes a clicking sound. Repeated clicking sounds may mean there’s a problem that requires professional attention. Whenever there is gas involved, it’s best to call in a pro immediately. 

8. Thermocouple Issue

Clicking can also mean there’s an issue with the thermocouple, which is the sensor that detects the flame and signals for gas to be released. If the thermocouple breaks, it will make a clicking sound either because it’s not sending a signal to open the gas valves or because it can’t sense that the pilot light is lit. If you hear clicking noises, it’s best to contact an HVAC professional to check the furnace. 

9. Trapped Air Bubbles

If your home has radiators, it’s likely using steam to heat each room. Air bubbles will often get trapped in the pipes, causing the pipes to expand and contract. While it may not seem like a few air bubbles would create much of a sound, they cause loud banging that can be annoying. Fortunately, a professional can fix the problem and help reduce the noise coming from your radiators. 

10. Loose Panel

Rattling noises are often a cause for concern because they often mean a panel is loose. This is a simple fix and can be done yourself by tightening the cover panels. If the noise persists, there may be a more serious issue. Contact a professional HVAC technician right away. 

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