Don’t Pour These Things Down Your Drain to Avoid Clogging

Don’t Pour These Things Down Your Drain to Avoid Clogging

For you, it must be convenient just to pour everything down your sink then flush it with water. But trust us, it’s not how your plumbing system works. So if you don’t want to deal with a clogged sink, be careful not to pour these things down your drain.

Coffee Grounds

Did you absentmindedly ditch your left-over coffee into the sink? Although it may seem harmless, coffee grounds actually absorb a large volume of water. They form a large, sticky mass when wet, therefore restricting your sink. The next time you got an excess coffee, be sure not to dump it on your sink.


When mixed with water, flour forms a paste that can clog up your pipes by catching other disposables and coating the edges. Always throw any excess flour into the trash bin instead. Never put it into your dishwasher.


If you think eggshells are safe to dump into your sink, you’re wrong! Even when crushed, it can still cause a clog because it may stick to other objects that you pour down the sink. It’s best to dispose of the shells in the bin or to your compost.

Grease and Fat

Butter, cooking oil, and other oil-based products shouldn’t go into your drains. The fats and grease present in oil harden upon cooling or when cold water gets in contact with it. After cooking, wait for the oil to cool down and then dispose of it.

Expandable Food

We know you’re guilty of this, but flushing out pasta, rice, and other expandable foods does no good on your sink. Over time, they enlarge and become sticky, therefore causing congestion in the pipes.

Paper Products

Whether it’s a sticker label, tissue, or a wrapper, you should never let it go down into your sink. Paper disintegrates and breaks down in the water, so it’s never safe when it finds its way to your plumbing system. Because paper products are absorbent in nature, they can easily clog your pipes.

Be mindful of what you throw down your sink. A clogged sink is hard to deal with and just plain to awful to clean.

If you’re having a problem with a clogged sink, our team at Quality Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing can help. We offer drain cleaning services in the OKC area. Call us at (918) 518-5900 to request an estimate.

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