Can A Dirty Air Filter Affect My Family’s Health?

Can A Dirty Air Filter Affect My Family’s Health?

Air filters act as your first line of defense against health hazards. However, when they get dirty, they can be a source of air contamination in your home. Your home’s air quality depends on how clean your air filters and ductwork are. Thus, it is essential to add air filter cleaning to your house chore list.

Find out how filthy air filters can affect your health in four (4) alarming ways.

Allergen Build-up

Air filters are responsible for trapping dust, dirt and other air particles that can build up over time. Some of the allergens that can have a serious effect on your health include mold spores, pollen, dust mites and more. Excessive dirt on air filters contaminates the air inside causing nausea, headaches, congestion and other severe health cases.

Development of Respiratory Illnesses

Millions of airborne particles may find shelter inside your home without your notice. Dirty air filters increase the chance of bacteria, pollen, and virus to attack your health in many different ways. Once exposed to air irritants such as mold and bacteria, allergies and other health conditions may develop. To keep your home free from health hazards caused by air contaminants, you should maintain your air filters in working order.

Respiratory Irritation

People with asthma and existing respiratory illnesses are mostly affected by dirt buildup on air filters. Airborne elements can trigger their illnesses and allergic reactions that make the feeling even worse. If someone in the house has difficulty breathing, lung failure, or any respiratory-related ailments, do not delay cleaning or replacing air filters.

Susceptibility to Heat-Related Diseases

With a thick mat of dust collected in your air filters, your air conditioning system has to work harder to produce cool air. When your A/C cannot keep its job properly, your family may suffer from sweatiness, discomfort, and heat-related conditions during the hot days of summer. In hot climates like Glenpool, OK, illnesses brought by extreme temperature including heat stroke and exhaustion are highly possible

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