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Signs That Your A/C Needs Repair

There are certain signs that will tell you that your air conditioning unit already needs repair. Here are some of those:

Increased Humidity
Sure, the summer months will give a hot and sticky feeling but not with a well-functioning air conditioner. If your unit can’t keep up with the current moisture levels inside, then you know it’s not performing as well as it used to. This calls for a repair.

Weird Noises
Air conditioners today are designed with reduced operational noise. But if yours makes weird or loud sounds at any time, then something inside has come loose, and it needs immediate attention from repair technicians.

Poor Airflow
You can try a quick fix to restore the airflow by simply inspecting any blockages in the airways of the A/C. But if you didn’t find any obstruction, then the blockage may be somewhere inside the unit, or there’s something wrong with the motor.

A/C Produce Warm Air
You will sometimes feel that warm air is coming out of the vents. When this happens to you, you might first check the thermostats instead of your A/C. Some homeowners may even think it’s the sweltering weather that makes their home uncomfortable. Days after, their A/C will eventually be able to keep their homes cool again, so they end up suspecting nothing.

However, the warm air may already be caused by a faulty compressor, which will require some expert servicing. Note that DIY fixes won’t work with this sort of problem. In this case, someone needs to open up your air conditioner and do some troubleshooting.

Weird Odor
In worse cases, you don’t only get warm air from the A/C—you also smell some foul odors coming from the exhaust. That is already a big indicator that you need to call professional help to investigate and resolve any underlying issues.

Water Leaks
When your air conditioning unit is dripping and leaking water around it, you definitely know that it needs some urgent repairs. We know that an A/C uses refrigerants to cool the air, and it will produce condensation.

However, the entire system is designed so that the condensation goes out the back. The water shouldn’t build up in any other part of the A/C as it operates. The worst-case scenario is that the leaks happen inside the house.


Time for Expert Help! Call Us!

Even if you have solid DIY skills, you shouldn’t attempt to fix any air conditioning unit on your own. Apart from that, the warranty on your A/C may be compromised if you attempt to fix it yourself. Best practice tells us that it would be better to leave the work to the experts.

If you need reliable A/C repair in Tulsa, OK, the experts from Quality Heating, Cooling & Plumbing are here to help. Call us at (918) 518-5900 to set an appointment.


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